Days of Stupid Past, Present, and Future

For some of us, we find great pleasure in the horror genre. We feed on the rush of adrenaline and get high on the emotions inflicted on us. Shock value and gore seem to define today’s genre, specifically in films.

But often, we forget about real horrors in everyday life. I just read a terrible article. Not that the article itself was terrible, but what was described in the article was terrible. Three lives are at ruins for being drunk, stupid, and not even eighteen. That article reminded me some of the real life horrors I’ve encountered.

What I’m about to post here are some of the most evil things I have seen and heard, and I just want to share as a reminder that there are things out there that will want to hurt you in some way – physically, emotionally, things that might fill someone with regret,  or just plain humiliation. These stories are real, the ones I heard are plausible, but regardless, shouldn’t be dismissed as mere hearsay.

Seriously, the things written below are not pretty and might even cause some offense. To that, I apologize in advance. I just wish to express my disgust.

Noontime Drunks

Drinking at the closest university’s side pubs. It wasn’t even noon, when I joined my classmates in their random drinking sessions. This girl approached us from no where, still in uniform, joined us, got so wasted and literally asked to get fucked. To be fair she only asked one of the guys, which he agreed eagerly, and he dragged her toward the bathroom. This was wrong, I knew, my other friend thought so too, and just as we were about to step in, the girl puked on the guy while making out with her. He jumped off from where he stood, spitting the bile from his mouth – I’m quite certain he might have puked himself. After that little incident, the guy lost his mood and left the girl there. She was assisted by other girls, which my friend called for help.

The Maid

A good friend of mine, who for some reason, often talked to me about her sexual encounters. She was pretty straightforward when she said her ex-boyfriend fucked their household maid.

I said, “WTF, and you still went out with him?”

She claimed she only found out after they had broken up. She went on to say that her ex lent the maid to his other friends. This type of scenario is quite common in this country. It’s even showed in various movies in the ’80s and early ’90s.

After setting aside my disturbed thoughts, I said, “So, he screwed this maid while the two of you were seeing each other?”

She only stared at me for a long moment, wondering the very same thing.

House Party

A lesbian friend of mine confided about attending a frat party. It was a wild house party, where everyone got wasted, smoked, and high. In the second floor, a dozen guys sat along the hallway. After some time, a guy would come out of a room, and someone else would go in. My friend asked “what’s up?” and the guy who lived in the house laughed and asked if she was interested to fall in line. She was curious, so she did. She waited over an hour for her turn, and when she got into the room, lying in the bed was a naked, wasted – drugged? – girl. I don’t need to explain what happened. My friend claimed to have left the party immediately. She didn’t call the authorities because authorities would do nothing about it. She didn’t try to stop what was happening for reasons I can never understand.

The Escort

In the old college, there is a pretty student there. In fact, she’s so pretty, every guy tries to get her attention, while the women sneer behind her back. She’s around her mid-twenties and remained popular for some time. News about her being an ex-escort was fast to spread and she’d gone downhill from then on. Half of the guys wanted to distance from her, the other half wanted to fuck her even more. Other girls laughed behind her back. And this girl is now more alone than ever. After some serious digging, I found out that this girl had it tough in life, and while it is true that she was an escort, she used all the money to pursue a college degree. I just find it sad that people were too quick to judge – the atrocities she had undergone to strive for something better in life.

You’ll notice all of the things I’ve said were sexual assaults toward women. This is disturbing, a lot of people see women as toys. I don’t know the roots of such criminal acts. A guy friend of mine, confided that he lost his virginity when he was fourteen years old, to a nineteen-year-old girl, a friend of his uncle. There are many, not necessarily common, usually those who grew up with lower to middle-class families, get to experience sex while at a young age. Roughly translating what these people term this is, “Time to him baptized” or “Time for him to man-up!”. I cannot help but think that there is some connection to this. Not to mention daytime variety shows feature half-naked, sensually dancing women. Often, when special dance numbers, from over sexualized celebrities, the dances were meant to arouse – as with recent controversies, some of these dance numbers had gone too far, women wearing short-shorts, bending over against the camera, spreading their legs as far part as possible in front of the audience. A professor told us the sole reason of this was, sex sells. And indeed it does, it’s just uncontrollable. Karaoke shows, game shows, localized versions of “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader”, everything, has women doing some moves with an invisible pole.

Not to mention, some old movies contain lots of love scenes – directors claim this is art, personally it’s like watching softporn. There were even some controversies that these scenes were non-simulated. Old movies, and some regular drama TV series as of the present, also contain lots of brutal sexual assault scenes. Sometimes these scenes would last as long as ten minutes (the TV series versions lasts a couple of seconds before it fades off screen but they still show enough disturbing content), and were pretty graphic more so than that despicable “I Spit On Your Grave” . And for some reason, it’s always – fucking always – involve an entire gang. You get my point. There were even some controversies about this one as well being non-simulated for “authenticity”.

The graphic content were often found in action, drama, and horror films from two or three decades ago. These were accessible to pretty much everyone – even to hormonal-raging youths. It’s hard not to think if there is some connection to this to how local shows were affected to how some parents push their sons into getting “baptized” and eventually grow up to do exactly the same thing?

Of course, that is just mere speculation. Maybe I’ll get back on this topic sometime in the future with solid data. For now, I’m done with this.

Society here is shit.

*Awaits the volley of aggression*

Just Ranting

Back when I was in high school I used to watch some of the early episodes of The Office (US version), and I’ve always thought, wow I’d love to work in a whacked out place like that. Of course, some years later, I got this job as a tech journalist – the irony of it is being a dumb fuck when it comes down to tech. When someone asked me if I had my phone rooted, the first thing that came to mind was Roots. I still kind of don’t what it is, all I know is that it’s kind of overclocking your device, I don’t even know if that’s accurate and I wouldn’t bother Googling it now.

My workplace right now is the closest thing as working in Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Though the thing is, eventually I got bored, I got to meet a lot of miserable bunch who grew old doing the same damn thing each and every day, and from their own words they felt “jaded”. I find it hard to admit, but I’m feeling it. It also feels like a low blow. Why? Well, I get first hand experiences with the latest and coolest tech that other competing companies drool over (we were the first to bring home an iPhone 5 and the BlackBerry Z10 into the country, for example). I get to travel to places, like I’ve always wanted, and got to stay in high-end hotels, eating some overpriced cuisine for free. On top of it all, I get to goof around at work – as long as I submit my articles on time. Pay is pretty shit though, but sometimes in press events we’re given free stuffs like tiny speakers, or if Oponn decides it, win something cool in the raffle, and then sell those stuffs for a fair amount of price. So, to feel jaded is really a low blow. Half of the people I know are struggling to find jobs – someone joined the shitty coastguard, someone who graduated with an I.T. major went back to study to become a seaman.

Finding a job is pretty much participating in the Hunger Games. A certain number of people compete, all but one are eliminated. If a year has passed when someone has not found one, then competition rises into a greater scale as more fresh graduates start job hunting. It doesn’t help if the college that person had through is basically an unknown, or his or her resume is stacked with applicants who granted from the bigger known universities – they get first dibs no matter what, unless grades are terribly, viciously, brain-fucking bad.

So yes, I cannot quit. I was lucky enough to get this job, so I might well stick to it for a while. Maybe it’s because I’m really not into gadgets. I’m tired of reviewing smartphones and tablets, all my writing strength goes there, leaving me little time and motivation to actually get my own stories written down. Somehow, I’ll find a way. For now, I’m done bitching.