Innards of An Erratic Writer #4

2013! And we’re still alive! Indeed, possibly one of the most anti-climatic Apocalypse since the Y2K bug. Then again, the Maya never did predict the end, it just turned out their calender stopped at that date. As far as I know. Anyway, enough of that crap, and I’m just glad to write something.

First of all, halfway around the world is a young author, who just finished college and is now starting the journey into the big bad world of getting published. Congrats to Mike Thies, for completing his book, a feat not all writers could achieve. His novel, “The Guardian of The Core” has one of the coolest and unique settings I’ve encountered for a while.

Second, I’ve managed to write a couple of pages for Scar City, and I feel mighty awesome for it. Ego aside, I had to write a lot of shit in it. Shit that gave me discomfort. Shit that made me puke. Shit that made me want to hang myself. Of course, when writing something, you can pretty much stay in your comfort zone. But sometimes, if the situation calls for it, maybe its best to take a couple of steps beyond that line and see what happens.

Tunnel Crow Town has been shelved. I don’t know when I’ll get back to that. But I will. My female protagonist is still in her most disturbing situation and I mean to get her out ASAP. I just don’t know how. Bonsai has made significant progress and is now on 8,000 words. It would have been on 50k by now, but I had to make massive changes because it resembles Peter V Brett’s Demon CycleNo Glory is around 10k words with aimless chapters even though I have an okay outline for an anti-trilogy – basically three standalone books featuring the same protagonists. I have difficulty in writing the fight scenes, since all of it has fast paced gun fu action sequences.

And I know I have a lot of stuff going on now. But I’ve started editing my non-fiction book about the vices of Ace Peralta. There were things he said that could make a great book, if written properly, and the pressure is there to get it right. I’m thinking of making it a hybrid book of sorts, I think it’s called meta-fiction  I don’t know. 30k words have already been written, and by the looks of it, it’s going to double when I start adding other accounts.

Lastly. I just saw this Simpsons episode, “Holidays of Future Passed”, and it’s the most amazing episode I’ve seen in years, heart warming and a reminiscence of the show during the early years. Reminded me why The Simpsons was an awesome.

Anyway, now that’s done, I’ll most likely ditch work now and head home to write.

Awesome shit is bound to happen this year.

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