Teary-eye el oh el

The Idiot King of the 7K Isles focuses on eliminating all that is corrupt throughout the kingdom. The laborers, who, at the 12th Month, gain substantial amount of pay for their great deeds, vanishes, as seen as corrupted. The minor nobles however, continue to gain an insane amount of extras, increased even. The value of stags are said to rise, and wolves lowers, and yet, even the price of stale meat remains high.

But that’s besides the point.

A minor noble, a lady, whose husband is a well-known actor in some corner-play stage, enters the Court of Imbeciles. Unknown to her how the system works, she seeks advice to those around her. Snub, mockery, and indifference causes her to jerk a tear and bitch about the rudeness of her fellow consorts, and claims that, it is never her dream to be good in where she had just put herself into.


Not to mention, a bored housewife yearns to enter the small council, for the sake to satisfy her boredom. In speculation, she sees all the other ladies in the council, in their fine dresses and jewelry, and struggles to . Why, she is no more than a Mathilde Loisel. It’s a matter of time when she loses that diamond necklace.

Such a terrible post for this joyful month.

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