Victorian = Steampunk?

I’ll jump straight to the point. I don’t like it when presented with a “Victorian-era style” people go, “Oh shit, same old business steampunk”.

It’s funny how I made this experimental novel proposal to the writing community. My first sentenced mentioned “Victorian-era clothes”, and everyone assumed it’s steampunk. I don’t really find their reactions detestable, many of them showed great interest in this weird idea. What annoys me, is many of them stopped reading at “Victorian-era clothes”, when I clearly said at the end that it doesn’t limit to that era, and will have several eras from both the old and new world.

Does the word “Victorian” in writing sci-fi/fantasy automatically triggers the eject button toward steampunk? Let’s take a look at Dave Grohl’s Jay Kristoff’s, Stormdancer. In fact, Mr. Kristoff has made a very interesting statement about steampunk right here.

I tried explaining it in my own words and it came out as shit compared to how mister Kristoff has put it, so go ahead and check it out. It opens some perspective.

Anyway, hurrah for the new ideas, while Tunnel Crow Town has been shelved, again. The new project name is No Good and it’s my first, real attempt, to enter science-fiction. Actually, there are spaceships, alien monsters, and all that shit, but I’m labeling this as “Space Western Fantasy” and is mostly inspired by Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Borderlands, and The Good The Bad And The Ugly. It’s going to have a lot of weird shit, but nowhere near the bizarro genre.

No Good is on 100% production with all Foo Fighters songs shuffling in the laptop.

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