Innards of An Erratic Writer #3

I find it, fucking detestable, that I started getting scolded for writing weak articles. Well, not weak, the things I wrote for the broadsheet were pretty awesome. It wasn’t just, you know, done right – a bit too cheesy and all that. So I had to relearn a thing or two.

My ears bled for the entire day as the assistant editor lectured me about writing articles. And indeed, everything he said were things I used to live up to. Writing with simplicity. I know, it’s a coincidence the other day I’ve posted about horror writing and then this turned up. The irony of it.

This gave me an early opportunity to fix all my pending articles, finally seeing the shit I’ve made. Then that night I checked all my stories, saw all my flaws and fixed as much as possible before retiring. I know about that Itch going back every few minutes to start immediate rework on manuscripts, which is counterproductive. But my line of work calls for getting things done right and this pressures me to this counterproductive habit. My conclusion is to balance things out. If one would have a four-hour writing routine, the first hour should focus on editing yesterday’s work, and dedicate the remaining hours to write forward.

So there we have it, writing simply but solid, and all decorations should be done during rewrites.

In terms of writing progress. Nothing, but a few edits here and there. Although, I consider this as a writing vacation, maybe in a few more days I’ll be kicking and writing again, pushing things forward. I have, however, been worldbuilding. A lot. I’ve filled out a couple of notebooks already, with Bonsai having three whole notebooks just for itself, describing locations, history and mythology, monsters, combat arts, and stuff. Maybe add a fourth one too, just to ‘apply’ the integration of magic and science into it. I like to set up all the ground rules first so I wouldn’t have to worry about it while writing the actual story. Though I don’t normally do that, Bonsai, is quite ambitious.

I’ve also now established a solid climax and ending for Tunnel Crow Town, parts of it coming from a really fucked up, very surreal nightmare. I could still feel those tongues in my mouth, ugh, the things I could not un-feel, even when it’s conjured by my own subconscious.

Lastly, new characters and more scenes were mapped out for Scar City, gun fights, intense chase scenes, and selfish sacrifices. All of which are looking really good, and I really hope it’s good because it is and not coming from a biased point-of-view. So, yeah, whatever, we’ll see in the future.

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