Of Actors and Politicians

In the morning news, there was a USA election poll, showing that 77% Filipinos wanted Obama to win. I myself, root for him, and I think it’s pretty BS to blame a lot of things on him. He pretty much ended the war, so unless there is some secret conspiracy here, I think that he did a dandy job. But who am I, anyway? I know little of politics and these sort of silly comments get me into trouble, so I’ll shut up about it now.

… But relating to it, the news did show some Tweets about the election. And one of them said something about, USA having disciplined voters than Filipinos – primary targeting Filipinos who want Obama to win. Though that may be insulting to Filipinos, I thought the guy pretty much nailed it.

Filipino elections always have famous actors and actresses running, and as some might know, Manny Pacquiao is a congressman. Some stick to it, some continue to show up in TV shows, movies, and, box. Now, my point isn’t about them, it’s about the masses. In a news broadcast during one of the previous campaigns, the anchor interviewed a virgin voter, on who they will vote, and he said, translated from Tagalog, “Just the actors”, when asked why, “Because they are easier to remember.” One girl, who to vote for the first time, said the same, except, “Because they’re the ones I know.”

And this is very sad, to be honest. Political education isn’t imposed as it should be for voters – no seminars on the achievements and credentials of who these people running have. Well, maybe there is, but not as viral as needed, or maybe the voters just don’t give a fuck. Not giving a damn plus hard life, leads them to just sell out their votes.

Then there are the non-voters, who claim that, their tiny vote, is just one vote, and wouldn’t make a difference. The problem is, which I’m willing to bet, at least 20,000 think the same thing. 20K is a huge fucking deal, obviously.

On one of the previous presidential campaign, there was a famous action star, who became the president, and resigned after the masses started to cause havoc after learning his illegal deeds. After a couple of years, he was released from house arrest, and just for kicks, he campaigned for the election. And guess what, he was number two. As far as I know, the current president had no intention to run, but was convinced by a friend he should do it. Meaning, if no one had convinced him, then, one of the biggest events in Philippine history would have been on vain, if the former president had become one again.

It’s utter bullshit.

Anyway, I’m done with my little rant, and I’m not sure what to tag in here. So, yeah, Two Doors Cinema Club, anyone?

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