Is College Worth It?

I get many stories from top university students about how many got lucky in getting in the top 4 Universities. Other controversies, involve anal probing the family’s background to identify if you’re rich or not. Oh hello sir, you’re rich! Welcome! Welcome! Oh, wait, you’re middle class? *Gags* Poor? We don’t accept beggars here, kindly get the fuck out.

It’s a painful reality. Professors from these celeb universities: “I shall eliminate anyone not worthy to be here!”

What the eff do you mean? It questions the professor-student relationship of passing down knowledge and make sure the student learns. Preserving the institution’s prestige is a joke. Professors’ don’t teach, they blab, wasting the students’ time. Many students like that, more time for all-night outs, drinking, smoking, whoring getting into the zephyr song, making bad homemade sex tapes. Arrogance blesses them, they have the resources, and everything else they don’t need.

Tuition hikes almost each year – those truly brilliant barely get a chance because of the lack of some stupid paper.

Of course, now and then we get a Gates, a Jobs, or a Zuckerberg. Then there are unsung heroes, those brave souls, bold enough to drop out and find better success than most people with a degree could ever do.

Bottom line, people are brainwashed into believing college degrees are important. And truth be told, yes, it’s the formal thing that tells potential employers that you work hard. It’s just fucked that some people feel limited for the lack of it, thus accepting the shitty norm. That alone, I reluctantly have to agree it’s worth it. But doesn’t mean there are ways how to bypass it.

Besides, many people hate their jobs because they’re employed to somewhere that doesn’t even relate to what they’ve studied in college. My friend finished nursing, and she worked for a call center agency before she becoming a part-time nurse. Someone I met studied in a seminary, backed out, and is now an editor for a national broadsheet newspaper. I studied in a place that claimed to teach journalism (personally, it’s more of a “practice” and should be “workshop” than anything else, we didn’t get that). But at least I got into the journalism business, my friend who had a promising career as a sports journalist gave it up to become a card dealer in a casino. He’s earning twice or more compared to I in a month. Fuck you man, hope you read that. lol

2 thoughts on “Is College Worth It?

  1. I thought I’d check out your blog, and it’s funny because the first two posts I read really hit home! I’ve been sitting here for two days staring at the computer and willing words to spill out. It’s just not happening yet. I’ve also been wondering exactly what I’m accomplishing by going to school, other than piling on the debt, that is.

    Interesting posts, lol. I like your blog (found it on AW).

    • I know what you feel. When I just had chickenpox, I felt I had so much time to write, but most of it ended up staring at the screen, asleep, or wasted in playing video games. lol I found writing in free-flow a massive help too. Glad you like the blog!=D

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