The Fish

Hurrah! Another blog post so soon. And with a new look too that made my tagline read at first glance, “Innards of An Erotic Writer”, (or maybe that’s just me?) so I’ll change that once I figure out what to replace it with. Wanted to change URL too with my name instead, but still unsure how that will turn out, but whatever. Also, for some reason my author name doesn’t appear. It’s kind of pissing me off. It’s Jon Karoll, by the way.

Anyway, I got a story to tell, and it’s going to be like licking a vanilla flavored ice cream, scattered with some chocolates, strawberries, or whatever sweets or bitter, vomit-inducing chemicals in it, and I got a feeling it’s going to drag, but whatever. Here goes…

The Fish

Once upon a time, there was a fish, trapped in a cesspool, because it cannot, for the life of it, swim. A lobster passed by, saw the fish and decided to teach it how to swim. They became friends for a time, but along the way, the lobster often mistreated the fish, and the fish rebelled and failed each time until it actually started to think right. Little did this fish knew, it had been sold by the lobster. To a salmon. However, unlike the lobster, these two became close friends, until an angry cod fucked them all up. It only took two special Ghosts to drive it off. So, salmon and fish became friends again – and possibly, maybe, who knows? – planned for world domination.

Now, that doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Anyway, fish and salmon became bitter enemies because of a simple misunderstanding. The salmon, huge and scary, with the idea of world domination, easily trampled the fish. But once again, the fish started thinking right, and this time, it worked. Fish and salmon separated as good friends, each off going to wherever they chose.

Salmon got its world empire with a few resistence.

Fish got its freedom and for crying out loud, did not know what to do with it. So it decided to make itself awesome, and it did, and at the peak of its awesomeness, it fucked itself up, got into drugs and shit. It wasted itself, where other fishes that cannot swim before evolved into freakishly scary hordes of Gyarados, even cod who was severely hurt from salmon became so awesome so brilliant, you need sunglasses to look at it.

The fish injected itself with more drugs, contracted diseases and parasites. Now the parasites rule the fish. Those parasites invited more parasites and those parasites invited more and more until the fish turned into a bloating mass of indescribable monstrosity that makes Lovecraft’s cosmic gods look silly in comparison. Now, the fish’s immune system is trying to fight back, and it just pissed off the parasites, so they decided to eradicate their only means to rebellion, communication.

Communication among the immune systems is limited to a downgraded pile of cesspool shit. They don’t know what to do and the immune systems staying quiet are struck stupid as parasites kick their doors open and claim their memories in false charges of conspiracy, treason, or whatever phantoms these parasites desire to manifest.

The fish is dying, refuses help from salmon, parasites eating it from the inside out – multiplying by the moment, its brain wasting away, rotting without knowing, innards bloating with puss, crap, and all abominations of the sea.

The fish fucked itself with the wrong end of the stick.

The End

Moral of the story. Don’t take your damn spoon-fed freedom to fuckstanding levels where even the Lord Above would be tempted to smite you from where you stand.

The story sucks I know. It was really meant to suck. It sucks more how this thing is actually happening. A certain thing is, and it really sucks. And it sucks even more how I know no one will read this post, because I know I won’t read a post like this, and even if someone does, they probably won’t understand a thing of it. Understandable for many, not, for some. It just, you know, sucks overall.

Listening to “Freedom” by Rage Against the Machine

Watching “V for Vendetta”… more because of Natalie Portman.

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