Innards of An Erratic Writer #2

It is, detestable, to have made very little progress over my WIP. Which is why I’m writing this, in high hopes once I’m through bitching about my self-worth as a writer, I can finally get my ass up and work at full capacity. Well, here goes…

Scar City managed a few edits, a full chapter haul, a few more edits, and nothing to move the story forward. At the very least, I’m seeing a clearer picture where this is all going and how to get there. The characters are revealing more about themselves and actually suggesting a few odd things that just might work. A friend suggested I do research on certain topics just to get a better grasp of the situation as things were quite similar to Scar. I did what she said, more thorough, and the outcome had me puking in front of a toilet until I turned into a half-witted cretin begging to die. Reality is indeed, a lot fucking stranger than fiction.

Tunnel Crow Town is worst. In a way, I’ve called for a hit on my protagonists and even though I know how they will get by this, I just can’t seem to set the scene right. So, I’ve skipped the entire first part and moved on the second part. It’s pretty weird, like missing an entire season of Lost, and you don’t want to go back yet because the current event is pretty darn interesting, regardless of the confusion. I’m just hoping it will just sort itself out eventually.

Bonsai‘s first chapter is a quarter from completion. I’m pretty much stuck at this point, I just have that one big battle in my head. I’ll probably just write that and be done with it.  And from four POVs, I’ve decided to cut one out, and save him for the sequel. And, yeah, next topic.

* * *

I have shelved three new ideas that are on my must-do list. I’m very excited to get them done, one of them has a few quick chapters and so far, it looks good – I hope. Thus, this piece shall be code-named, Harry. Because one of the main characters is named Harry. He’s a 15-year-old kid that’s pretty messed up in certain ways, like, Dexter Morgan messed up, and his freakishly hot best friend is just as fucked up, like, Hannibal Lecter fucked up.  See how excited I am with this? Well, it’s not as macabre as how I just described it, it’s just a story about Harry and his father coping with the loss of a dearly loved woman.

The other two shelved are still mysteries to me. But I’ve got the basic idea how I want it to go. The first, will be a post-apocalyptic dieselpunk-slash-Fallout and will have all sorts of things in them like epic air battles with zeppelins and hovercrafts, gangsters, flappers, and possibly a Captain America – a loyal soldier who asks no questions, a patriot of the last surviving city, a symbol of hope and strength whose presence alone boosts morale so much, his men are willing to go on fighting even with chopped limbs and all that, plus he’s taking orders from a Red Skull. I’m pretty psyche with this one and filled half a notebook with brainstorm ideas, no solid story yet though, so yeah, this is sure to hit my priority list soon.

The second is basically an experimental novel. Have you seen Christopher Nolan’s Memento? Yeah. Something like that.

Argh. Remember my Itch post? See how destructive new ideas can be. Anyway, Alice in Chains, Alice Cooper, Slipknot, 30 Seconds to Mars, and My Chemical Romance, cycling through my raffle-won Sound Blaster. This thing is freaking loud.

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