Itch: A Torturer at Its Worst

Chickenpox has done a number on me. Both pleasant and frustrating. For two and a half weeks, my face and head itched like hell, and obviously, I failed to go to work, missing out a potential foreign assignment. But it wasn’t without its worth, I caught up with my reading, played Uncharted: Drake’s Deception, God of War 3 and Darksiders II, and had lots of free time to work on my novels.

Scar City is still in its Part One editing phase, I’ve managed to trim and tighten it from 15k words to 11k, and by the looks of it, once I’m ready for Part Two, it should be between 10-12k. The nameless, epic fantasy, Bonsai, has seen the light of a quarter half-baked chapter one, and I’ve managed to carve out a very rough outline for the first trilogy.

Though it sounds I’ve done a lot, I’ve barely accomplished anything really. The itch on my face was very distracting, but not unbearable, in fact, the experience granted me some ideas about writing a body horror story. Yes, a new one again – new ideas are always exciting, especially when you feel some spark in it, that you put down your current work-in-progress (WIP) and move on to the next. Now, that kind of itch is unbearable, a sadistic torturer, tormeting that poor old project until it dies.

It has happened to me a lot. And I don’t doubt other writers have had their share of such tormentors. In fact, now that I’ve actually thought about what I’m saying, new ideas are more like succubi or an incubi. They seduce you in that dream-like state, the mind’s daycare center, and distract you with a new idea so enticing, there is a very damn good chance you might forget what you’re doing.

So, how to combat such things? I guess, the first is discipline to your self, commitment to your work, and a notepad, where you scribble down all your new ideas and wait until your WIP is completed, polished, and sent elsewhere. Or if it’s that darn good, find a way to implement it into your WIP. It might throw potential kicks in it that works really great.

So, yeah, anything else? No, not really. The band, Foster The People, is coming on October 6th though. Yay for indie!

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