Innards of An Erratic Writer

It is, detestable, when things go unexpected. Hours built upon countless profanities, obscuring thoughts and senseless squabbling. This blog, for instance, never thought of starting a new one so soon – don’t know why the sudden change, ah well, doesn’t matter.

Basically, I’ve been tinkering on how to customize the blog and all, and so happens it requires some whatever-programming touches – things I know nothing of, and all the other cool stuff must be purchased. Well, I’m stuck with what I have and better to make the best of it.

Moving on…

The other night I added about 3,000 words in my horror novel, Tunnel Crow Town, with Slipknot’s “Dead Memories” making it as the story’s theme song. The lyrics is just amazing, and depending on which interpretation – fits into the novel so well I finally understood what I’m writing about. I’m just unsure how to get my heroine out of that pit where I threw her in. Ah crap, what the hell, I’ll figure something out.

Besides that, my kind of weird-ish fantasy novel, Scar City, has entered it’s second writing phase. Finished editing part one, managed to smooth it around 14,000 words. And I’m very happy about it. There’s still a lot to fix, but those can wait. More than half of the original material will be reworked in a parallel sequel, which, I shouldn’t even worry about now until after I (if ever) get published.

And my third novel, the epic fantasy with the pending title Bonsai, has been scrapped. It’s going through a whole new pre-production phase during my free time or when I’m lacking motivation in writing the first two novels. I originally intended it to be big, might be around 150,000 words or more, and I just thought – damn, the bigger it is the slimmer chance of getting an agent. So, after a few weeks, or months, I’ll get myself a new Bonsai and hope to raise it right this time around.

Anyway, that’s all what I’ve been up to. Back to my day job.

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