August Falls

Things have gone so fast this August and I’ve done, nothing much really. I’ve just added a few words in Tunnel Crow Town and did some quick edits on Scar City, both are starting to form some bones in them. I swear, every time I try to move forward, I’ve got this itch to go back and fix every darn loophole. It is, detestable, counterproductive, and won’t get me anywhere if I keep at it.

On other things, with a few long weekends and many non-working days (because of the man-high floods), I’ve wasted my time on movies, The Simpsons, a book, and relived the first God of War. So while at it, I might as well say a few words about each.

Casino: As expected from a Martin Scorsese film, pure awesomeness. The character, Ginger, got me thinking for a bit, but I’ll save that topic for sometime.

The Bourne Legacy: *yawn* Why? Basically, it lacked the action and intensity of the first three Bourne films. And the final chase scene was pretty anti-climatic.

Tron: is such a fantastic and fun film. Visually impressive, considering it was around ’80s, I think. I managed a smile at the touch screen desk they showed, it was just fun to see visions of future technologies graduallying becoming the technologies of today. Also, Jeff Bridges screaming like a girl got me cringing in laughter. It was a little bit anti-climatic though. But the entire adventure to escape the games and the journey toward the desolution of the MCP was thrilling. And like many Disney films that try to teach you something, never, ever, steal anything from anyone, especially when they’ve worked so hard for, but it’s alright to at least try to steal his girl.

Tron: Legacy: Visually appealling! *Ogles at Olivia Wilde* Oh and yes, it was boring . I nearly fell asleep. The only good parts were the first and last thirty or so minutes. But even that last part wasn’t very exciting. They basically tried to mirror the first Tron film – the pattern is there: The games, the light cycle battle, the escape, and the journey to the end. Tag that along with the predictable scenarios and a very bad deus ex, leaving this sequel the lacking knockout wonder and adventure from the film movie. At least, this one didn’t try to teach me it’s alright to steal someone else’s girl. Looking forward to Tron: Uprising when it comes here in Philippines.

The Simpsons (S1): it wasn’t as good as I remembered it, but some of those episodes were golden. “Simpson’s Roasting On An Open Fire”, I find, is a very good start, it established the Simpson’s family just right, and Homer wasn’t a complete duffus. On this episode, he was shown as a father having a lot of stress to support his family, his issues with the in-law sisters, and, him breaking down when he compares his home with the Flanders’. While his family remains oblivious to this potential holiday-disaster. Homer continues to put up a positive attitude, becoming, a, say, pillar of strength. Ultimately, the episode ended with somethnig warm, fuzzy, and sweet. Another memorable episode is “Life On The Fast Lane”, Homer’s continuous neglect almost drives Marge to infidelity. The emotional depth of this episode was unbelievable. There was no twist in the conclusion, we expected Homer and Marge to come through this, and they did. But how they did, no words can ever describe, almost literally since the two just looked at each other and knew then and there that they will be alright. It probably would have been better if the actual song, “Up Where We Belong”, was sang. The season finale was pretty amazing too, but one of the best episodes, but bold and daring. I just wish they had more episodes like this, every once in a while, instead of another Bob’s comical murder attempts.

Dust of Dreams: the 9th Malazan Book of The Fallen. Probably one of the largest books I’ve ever set my hands on. I used to be a big fan of the Malazan series by Steven Erikson. The immense density of each book is filled with epic awesomeness. However, right after book 5, starting with The Bonehunters, things got a little shaky. I’m not alone in that one, books 6-8 were a hit-or-miss, and for me it was a strike. Too many underdeveloped point-of-view characters we don’t really care about very much, and the few ones developed, the ones we actually like and care, ends up in Hood’s freaking domain. Now back to the 9th book, the exposition is terribly long, I spent some hours to get through the first 200-300 pages and nothing big happens, that’s fine in some books, but they talk about doing a fortune reading, and it took up over 300 pages before it actually starts, and it’s all about characters fearing the disaster that will happen, some uncooperative people who doesn’t want to participate, and other zig-zags that really just pissed me off. It doesn’t build tension, I didn’t feel the slightest bit closer to these characters, all I saw was chaos. I appreciate the marines fighting among themselves, I appreciate the action even if it had little to do with the actual story, I appreciate the large cast really, what I don’t appreciate is how it feels like we’re not moving forward at all. But, like all Malazan books, when the real action picks up, and I mean really picks up, expect a few hundred pages of mind-splitting climax.

God of War: EPIC

Now that I’ve got some of those out of the way – I can go on with my own writing. Hopefully, September will be a good harvest of numbers.

Innards of An Erratic Writer

It is, detestable, when things go unexpected. Hours built upon countless profanities, obscuring thoughts and senseless squabbling. This blog, for instance, never thought of starting a new one so soon – don’t know why the sudden change, ah well, doesn’t matter.

Basically, I’ve been tinkering on how to customize the blog and all, and so happens it requires some whatever-programming touches – things I know nothing of, and all the other cool stuff must be purchased. Well, I’m stuck with what I have and better to make the best of it.

Moving on…

The other night I added about 3,000 words in my horror novel, Tunnel Crow Town, with Slipknot’s “Dead Memories” making it as the story’s theme song. The lyrics is just amazing, and depending on which interpretation – fits into the novel so well I finally understood what I’m writing about. I’m just unsure how to get my heroine out of that pit where I threw her in. Ah crap, what the hell, I’ll figure something out.

Besides that, my kind of weird-ish fantasy novel, Scar City, has entered it’s second writing phase. Finished editing part one, managed to smooth it around 14,000 words. And I’m very happy about it. There’s still a lot to fix, but those can wait. More than half of the original material will be reworked in a parallel sequel, which, I shouldn’t even worry about now until after I (if ever) get published.

And my third novel, the epic fantasy with the pending title Bonsai, has been scrapped. It’s going through a whole new pre-production phase during my free time or when I’m lacking motivation in writing the first two novels. I originally intended it to be big, might be around 150,000 words or more, and I just thought – damn, the bigger it is the slimmer chance of getting an agent. So, after a few weeks, or months, I’ll get myself a new Bonsai and hope to raise it right this time around.

Anyway, that’s all what I’ve been up to. Back to my day job.